sashiko sampler used for pocket on tote bag
May 27, 2024

Ways to use your Sashiko Stitched Samplers

So you enjoyed stitching a sashiko sampler.

And then you enjoyed stitching another one.

And another one.

And another one?

What are you going to do with them? 

Cushions? Have enough already? Table centres? Ditto. But they are awfully nice to use as a light towel to throw over a fruit bowl or fresh baking.

Here are some other ideas:

Make a simple small quilt - or a big quilt-

Next is one of my favourite ideas. Cut the sampler on the diagonal.

Sew the cut sampler triangles to the top and bottom corners of a kitchen tea towel. The one in this picture has been through the wash a few times. The stitching just gets prettier with washings.


Here is another tea towel using the Olympus dragonfly sashiko sampler.


For the plain sashiko patterns, if you put the sampler through your washer and dryer before you cut it, the stitching will be fine when you cut through it, but if you feel concerned, you can iron a fusible featherweight interfacing to the sampler back to fuse the threads firmly to the fabric

You can also sew  small projects like this zip pouch. This is one of the Kugurizashi sashiko samplers. It is a little trickier to cut- you have to be gentle with it until the threads are fixed again by being sewn into the project's seams. 

Asagao pattern sashiko stitched zip pouch

Here are a couple of other projects made from the Hitomezashi sashiko samplers.

Another simple but great use of the Olympus Sashiko samplers is to use them to make large pockets on bags like this small drawstring laundry bag. 

sample of sashiko preprinted design used as pocket on drawstring bag

or this tote bag.

sashiko sampler used as pocket of tote bag

They are nice on the front of plain aprons too.

They make great chair pad covers.

Once you catch on to how easy it is to cut the samplers up like any other fabric there are so many ways you can use them!

Combine the pieces with other fabrics or techniques for extra interest.

 Happy Making,