Bag sewn from dyed yarn cotton fabric
April 12, 2024

A few bags sewn with dyed yarn cotton fabrics

Just for inspiration, this is some photographs of a few bags I have sewn from the the Japanese dyed yarn cotton fabrics I sell on my website A Threaded Needle.

These first two bags are Emma Brennan's "Charlie's Aunt" bag patterns.  They are good beginner sewing patterns, well written and with no zippers or difficult closures. Most have inner pockets.

When I want to use a hexi applique fabric or a sashiko stitched fabric, I make the fabric first, and then cut my pattern piece from it.

I substituted  Soft & Stable for all the interfacings and batting the pattern called for when I made these bags. It is light, washable, and easy to sew if you have a walking (quilting) foot for your sewing machine. It is firm enough that the bags will hold their shape when empty.

Yarn dyed fabrics are called that because the yarn is dyed first and then the cloth fabric is woven from that dyed yarn.  The other method is for the white yarn to be woven and then for the surface to be printed or immersed.  Dyed yarn fabrics keep their integrity through time and age because the pattern colours cannot fade off the surface.

This is a shoulder bag with a pocket made to use up a stray block of applique I made from Yoko Saito applique pattern.

Japanese dyed yarn cotton sewing/quilting fabrics are very good quality, colourfast, pre-shrunk, machine washable. These are the fabrics I import for my website. 

One last fun dyed yarn fabric bag with a metal frame handle with a bit of sashiko thread stitching.

Sew yourself something soon :-)