Dyed Yarn Fabric, Order by Length

The dyed yarn cotton fabric in this collection is still on the bolt and sold in increments of 10" length. It is cut to length for you when you order. The bolts are 43/44" wide. Suitable for sewing, quilting and clothing, these are quality dyed yarn fabrics made in Japan. Colourfast, machine washable and preshrunk.

There is a lot of fabric here. You can use the top drop down menu or the search box to narrow your search.

To order the length you need: In the quantity order box put 1 for each 10" of length of fabric you want.  It will be cut and sent to you in one continuous (uncut) piece when your order is received. (ie: put 2 in the box for 20" and so on)

Notes:  1 meter is 39.37".  I round out 1 meter to 40". (1 yard is 36")