Sarasa Cotton Fabrics

Sarasa Momen was a popular and expensive printed cotton fabric originally imported to Japan by Portuguese Sea traders.  By the early Edo Period (1603-1867) Japanese master designers had begun manufacturing it, and Olympus Fabrics still makes it in Japan. The colours and patterns of their Sarasa fabrics are inspired by those antique Sarasa fabrics.

Suitable for all home sewing projects, quilting, clothing, home decor items, and especially beautiful used for boro stitching. 100% cotton. They have more texture than American quilt cottons, are colourfast, preshrunk and machine washable.

Olympus Fabrics are high quality fabrics, and you will find many of them in Japanese fabrics on this site. They do an excellent job of maintaining the look and feel of traditional Japanese fabrics while using modern manufacturing methods to ensure durable, fade and shrink resistant, high quality fabrics.