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With A Threaded Needle

Everyday Sashiko

August 01, 2016

sashiko mug mat
If you already sashiko stitch, then you know sashiko stitching is addictive. Happily, it also washes and wears well for household use, so you can make everyday functional items and let the family eat on them, sit on them, even walk on them, no worries.
Why Sashiko Designs Don’t Bore Your Brain

July 18, 2016

Sashiko Sayagata Cushion

Why don’t we get tired of the traditional sashiko designs?

What makes them still ‘work’ for us even after looking at them for several years, as I have been doing?

They are, after all, pretty simple looking geometric designs.

Here is why I think our brains remain pleased and interested...