July. Stitching on the deck. Sewing at the cottage.

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50 bolts of dyed yarn fabrics are on their way from Japan. Should be here the end of July :-)

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kuguri sashiko stitching

Kuguri-Sashi (Sashiko plus Weaving) How Much Thread Do You Need?


I know.   You were all set to try a kuguri-sashi sashiko stitching project, but then...

kuguri-sashi sashiko stitching and weaving technique

 How much thread do you need for these preprinted Kuguri-sashi fabrics?

Basic technique for Kuguri-sashi explained

Kuguri-sashi is one-stitch sashiko stitching and a needle weaving technique combined in a two step process to create beautiful textured cloth...

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Making Summer Cushions Wabi Sabi Style

Making Summer Cushions Wabi Sabi Style

Making summer cushions wabi-sabi style

boro cushion

...every spring I have a new(ish) pile of stitchings and part-projects that were never made into anything.

They start as a tidy stack back in the winter, fall over and quietly slide onto the floor by spring.

"Ah ha!" I say to myself when the return of spring wakes my brain, "the time has come to get some of these used up!"...

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sashiko threads

Which Sashiko thread should I use?

How do you know which sashiko thread to choose for your sashiko stitching?
In this blog we are looking at the  sashiko threads I have available at A Threaded Needle. Here is what they have in common, how they differ, and some recommendation about pairing them with sashiko needles and with stitching fabrics.
     Their main difference is the.....
Sashiko threads

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