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If you have questions or I can help email me: susan@athreadedneedle.com Wishing you happy sewing and stitching adventures in 2020!

Sashiko Blog

New Sashiko Patches & Kokka Fabrics

January 06, 2020

2020! I wish you all a year of happy stitching and sewing adventures!

This is just a quick little blog to show you some new pre-printed ready to stitch sashiko fabric designs, and some new fabrics that will work well used with them....

Sashiko Patch KitKokka Fabrics

5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design onto fabric (5 of 5 featherweight interfacing method)

December 07, 2019

How to transfer your sashiko design onto your fabric ready for stitching using fusible featherweight interfacing

transferring sashiko onto fabric
After near fifteen years of sashiko stitching, this is still my preferred method for getting a design onto fabric ready to be stitched.  I like it best for several reasons. First...