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Aug 14, 2019. For those of you doing our online sashiko tutorial, I hope you are enjoying it :-D.  P.S. I'm 'training' a new app - it's supposed to bring together products in order to save you searching around the website...but it hasn't learned about sewing yet!! :-D

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Which sashiko thread should I use?

August 19, 2019

How do you know which sashiko thread to choose for your sashiko stitching?
In this blog we are looking at the 5 white sashiko threads I have available at A Threaded Needle. Here is what they have in common, how they differ, and some recommendation about pairing them with sashiko needles and with stitching fabrics.
     Their main difference is the.....
Sashiko Threads
Re-visiting Simple Embroidery + Stitching Kid's Drawings

August 02, 2019

Re-visiting simple embroidery + stitching kid's drawing

hand stitched embroidered kid's drawing

This summer I have the joy of grandchildren around the house. Aside from just making me happy, their drawings have inspired me to revisit simple embroidery!