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Why leave some slack thread in your sashiko stitching?

May 08, 2019

Why leave some slack thread in your sashiko stitching?

You are putting a lot of thick sashiko thread between the warp and weft threads of the fabric as you stitch. This is going to make the fabric bunch up as the stitching gets more dense. It has too, the width of that thread is forcing the threads of the fabric to push up against each other closer and closer as your stitching progresses.

What to do?

Sashiko Stitching: Leave a loop of thread when you turn a corner

Snowman + Tea Towel + Wine Bottle = This Idea!

December 23, 2018

There is still time to do this :-)

How to quick whip stitch a kitchen tea towel into a gift wrap for a wine bottle

sashiko thread embroidered tea towel gift wrap

Click here for how to do it