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Tutorial: How to Sashiko Stitch, part 3, order of stitching, carrying threads or not, and and things to avoid

October 19, 2017

This is the third part of our sashiko tutorial.

This time we look at 

  • where sashiko stitches cross intersections or meet at angles,
  • the 'order of stitching' in sashiko designs,
  • when to carry threads on the back of your sashiko stitching,
  • and some things you want to avoid in sashiko stitching. 
sashiko tutorial
    Tutorial: How to Sashiko Stitch, Part 2, beginning without a knot, deciding stitch length and making good corners

    October 12, 2017

    In a recent tutorial we covered my favorite method for how to get your sashiko design onto your fabric.  This is part two of that four part tutorial, in which we are going to cover

    • how to start your stitching without knotting your thread,
    • how to manage your stitch length,
    • and how to decide what the stitch length should be
    • also, how to hold your fabric, load stitches on the needle, and turn a sharp corner
    • sashiko tutorial how to