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Sashiko Blog

Kitchen Towels & Zakka Stitching

April 06, 2020

 Zakka style projects will always have  in common that hard-to-define, but easy to recognise, quality that makes people smile. Everyday art for comfortable happy everyday life.  Relaxed, imperfect, and friendly feeling. And maybe with some humour showing :-D
bird on kitchen towel
Collect some threads and needles, pens, and fabric scraps, and your glass of wine, and let your creative monster out to play!
Things you can stitch when you are home and desperate for things you can stitch!

April 01, 2020

So just stitch.

child's drawing on a bag

Don't be defeated just because you can't go to a sewing store for supplies. You have all sorts of good things to stitch in your house! And don't be shy to try any crazy idea you have. You're in self isolation, when will there ever be a better time to find out what you can really do with a threaded needle?