Welcome to A Threaded Neelde

Welcome to A Threaded Neelde

There is an intangible but deeply felt quality contained in an object made by our own hands.

A Threaded Needle exist because I believe deeply in the importance of both making things by hand and of having made-by-hand things in our lives.

A Threaded Needle is an independent owned Canadian business (just me with occasional help)

I always like to have your ideas and comments, and absolutely I want to know if there are ever problems with my website, or products, or your orders. Please use e-mail to contact me, it simplifies my workload.


I'm looking forward to another season of being part of your creativity!

New 2024

New 2024

I know many of us want to reduce the use of plastics and over packaging. Now you can add a note on your order at checkout requesting minimal plastic packaging.

Blog posts

sashiko sampler used for pocket on tote bag

Ways to use your Sashiko Stitched Samplers

So you enjoyed sashiko stitching a sampler. And then you enjoyed stitching another one.

But what to do with them?

Cushions? Already have enough? Table centres? Ditto. But they are awfully nice to use as a light towel to throw over a fruit bowl or fresh baking.

Here are some other ideas...

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Olympus sashiko sampler kit, Nagomi Tatewaku

How to Stitch Sashiko Samplers (The Nagomi Series from Olympus)

How to Stitch Olympus Sashiko Samplers  (The Nagomi Series)

 Nagomi refers to the Japanese concept of wellness resulting from emotional balance, ease and calmness of attitude. These are qualities many of us feel when Sashiko stitching because of the simplicity of the stitching technique coupled with the timeless designs that emerge gradually (and easily) from the stitches. There are 6 designs called "Sashiko Flower Cloth" in the Nagomi series.

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She has storied to tell

Old cloth, like old people, is where the stories live.

Our tables, beds, even our houses change with the years, but the cloth we sew, use, and take with us from place to place keeps our long stories, our history.
Old cloth, like old people, is where our long stories live.

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