Hi,  I'm Susan Fletcher, owner of A Threaded Needle. 

 There is an intangible but deeply felt quality contained in an object made by our human hands.

A Threaded Needle exist because I believe deeply in the importance of both making things by hand and of having made-by-hand things in our lives.

me arranging fabrics for photographs!

 As far back as I remember I have sewn things. I can't imagine how people manage life without a threaded needle nearby!  So when I had the opportunity to start my own business in 2005, it made sense it would be about stitching and sewing.

Who works at A Threaded Needle?

I am a small independent Canadian business, the kind where you are most likely to be talking to me (Susan) whether you are looking for a project, have a question about ordering, or need a quick how to for a product or technique.

The photographs you see on my website are mostly taken by me (or my daughter Heather, who also sometimes packs your orders for shipping). The product samples, blogs, and website descriptions are also mostly made by or written by me. 

In other words I still wear all the hats! 

I am particular about product quality because it gives better results for your projects.  And I try to use the products I sell so I can give you an informed (personal :-)) opinion about how they perform. 

I believe making things is important, even when we don't need to make them.

And I believe hand making has never been more important than it is now.  In a culture that surrounds us in mass produced products and technical gadgets, hand making goes a long way in keeping alive our feeling of what makes us human and why it matters.

Making is also fun, but you already know or you wouldn't be visiting this site :-)

I hope you will explore my blog, sign up for my e-letters, browse around the online store pages and generally make yourself at home.


This is the old yellow shingle house where A Threaded Needle began in 2005. It was a lovely romantic place to begin a business, but times and needs change and in 2019 we moved to Maple Ridge (Near Vancouver, BC) to be near family.

It has been a happy relocation for me but every change has its plus and minuses. Like all small retail businesses in the current economic environment, A Threaded Needle wears a tight belt :-) Too manage overhead I am working in a smaller space in a strata situation where insurance and by-law concerns mean I can't have customer walk ins or pick ups. That was disappointing for me but I've made my peace with it :-D.

 The only thing left I want to say is, I hope you find my website, blogs and e-letter inspire you to a confident belief in the importance of making things by hand, and in the belief that wherever you want to go with your project is the right way to go. It's your project. Own it. Make it. Enjoy it. 

Happy sewing always











stitching in the studio