A Beautiful Fabric

This is one of the exceptional  "Olympus-Kofu" cotton fabrics manufactured in Japan to the high quality standards of the Olympus Thread Mfg. Co., Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan. 

About Olympus fabrics:
By combining traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing methods with modern technology, Olympus is able to revive traditional Japanese vintage textiles.  The use of modern textile manufacturing techniques means that while the fabrics look and feel like like skilled artisan made textiles of the past, they wash and wear like the high quality modern textiles they are.

What is Kofu?
Kofu means 'traditional fabrics' in Japanese and most take their names from either the fabric producing region they come from, or the technique used to make them.

About this fabric:
This fabric is a Sakizome-momen (dyed yarn cotton) 'Dyed yarn' means the yarn (thread) is dyed before it is woven into cloth. The colour is, therefore, integrated into the fabric and cannot fade off the surface over washing.

It is also a shot cotton, which means the the warp and weft are different colours, or different shades of the same colour. The result is 'solid colour' fabric with visual depth.

  • Machine was and dry on low-medium heat (cotton hates hot air)
  • Medium weight with good drape suitable for clothing & hand stitching