All Dyed Yarn cotton Fabric, Quilting, by Colour

 Note: To see the menu for fabric by colour groups, click the back button, then and hover there instead of clicking on "All dyed yarn colour". You should see another pop out menu.

This dyed yarn cotton fabric is suitable for sewing clothing, appliqué, quilting, clothing, bags, and home decor projects. These fabrics are colourfast with minimal or no shrink.  Machine wash and dry with gentle heat.

Dyed yarn fabrics get their distinctive appearance and feel from how they are woven. The yarns (threads) are dyed first, and then the cloth is woven. Often a few different weights or textures of yarn (thread) are woven into the cloth to create a more textured fabric. The dyed thread means the colour is embedded in the fabric and will not fade off the surface with washing.

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dyed yarn pre-cut  elongated hexagon pack
$18.95 CAD $22.95 CAD