boro stitched blanket, Susan Fletcher 2000
June 12, 2024

More Boro Stitching Thoughts & Photographs

I love boro stitching. I love the feel of pulling thread through cloth.  I love the 'rule-less-ness' of it, and the minimalism of it.

I love picking bits of cloth for their colours and textures and then stitching them together until I have a new big piece of fabric. 

Scrap fabrics, a needle, some thread, that's it. 

boro stitched cloth with dragonfly
boro stitching with deep red cloth 

By rule-less-ness I mean there is no 'right' stitch length, no how-many or how-much or what-kind. (It's not a rule that the pieces must be stitched well enough to stay together, it just won't be boro or anything at all if they don't! :-D ) Stitching small pieces to a light backing fabric helps with this.

beginning some boro stitching with turned under raw edges

You can stitch in straight even spaced rows using the basic Sashiko (or running) stitch if you feel like it.

You can follow patterns in the fabric if you want. You can use +'s and X's and   >>> or #### or any combination of stitches as randomly as a doodle on paper.

dense boro stitching with many stitches

You can stitch a lot or a little, turn raw fabric edges under or leave them raw. You can pre-plan your layout and colours, or not. Your boro, your preference!

Boro uses up the scraps of fabrics that you can't bear to throw away.

Boro stitching is often used for mending still usable clothing and house hold textiles,

boro mend on blue jeans

and larger Boro fabrics can be used like whole cloth to cut and sew.

sewn projects using boro fabric
Boro small hand bag
boro stitched fabric sewn into a small hand bag
Boro doll dress
boro stitching used to make a dolls dress
Boro border on a runner
boro stitched fabric used to make a border on a table runner

Or made large enough, they can become boro quilts.

boro stitched blanket

For the curious among you, here is the back of this. I have used largish pieces of scrap fabrics to stitch the small pieces onto (and then stitched those together to get the size I want) and I haven't worried about how the back looks because I will cover it with a backing fabric.

Small fabric pieces are stitched to lightweight backing fabric pieces and the bigger pieces this makes are sewn together if desired. 
showing construction of several boro pieces

 I hope you always enjoy your project making!

Kind regards,