Sashiko Thread, Olympus 20 Meter Skein, Teal Blue #36


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This Sashiko thread is manufactured for sashiko and boro stitching, but equally good for visible mending, big stitch quilting, wool applique, toy making, crewel embroidery, free hand stitching, meditative or slow stitching projects. 

Sashiko thread is not stranded like embroidery thread, you use the whole thread for your stitching.  Just cut it into a comfortable length, thread your needle, and stitch. Click here to see how to prepare the skein when you open it so that it will not tangle.

Olympus sashiko thread details:

  • Solid colour 20 meter skein of long staple Egyptian cotton
  • Sashiko thread has a soft matt finish and is about the weight of #5 perle cotton
  • Machine wash and dry at warm temperatures
  • Colourfast
  • Dye colors between skeins are very stable
  • This sashiko thread is manufactured by Olympus Thread Mfg Co., Ltd. Olympus Thread Mfg Co., Ltd. was founded in Nagoya Japan in 1908 and is a reliable maker of high quality cotton threads and fabrics
  • Olympus Sashiko thread will become prettier with washings as it plumps up and snuggles into the fabric like small grains of rice

And a final note for new stitchers:  Sashiko thread is fat so as you stitch you are adding a lot of extra between the threads of your fabric. This is going to cause the fabric to tighten up and be unable to lay flat unless you leave some slack in the sashiko thread as you stitch. I do this by leaving about a quarter inch of slack in my thread on the back of the fabric every 4 inches if stitching straight long lines, or whenever I turn a corner on designs with shorter lines.  If you are unsure about how to do this, there is more about it in my blog: click here.

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