Sashiko Thread Collection, Brown, Gold & Yellow


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4 skeins, a brown and 3 yellows  of excellent quality sashiko thread  imported from Japan and are made by the Olympus company that has been manufacturing quality sashiko products in Japan for decades. 

Sashiko thread is not stranded like embroidery thread, you use the whole thread for your stitching.  Just cut it into a comfortable length, thread your needle, and stitch. Click here to see how to prepare the skein when you open it so that it will not tangle. This thread has a soft matt finish and is about the weight of #5 perle cotton.  

Please note that we have several sashiko threads, all good quality, but they vary in thickness.

All sashiko thread is machine washable. In fact it gets prettier with washing as it plumps up like little grains of rice.

And a final note for new stitchers:  Sashiko thread is fat so as you stitch you are adding a lot of extra between the threads of your fabric. This is going to cause the fabric to tighten up and be unable to lay flat unless you leave some slack in the sashiko thread as you stitch.   If you are unsure about how to do this, there is more about it in my blog.

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