Sashiko Panel Flow, also called "Wind chimes"


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Sashiko stitch markings are printed in wash away ink on this 19 3/4" X 43 1/4"  colourfast  mid weight cotton fabric panel. Simply thread your sashiko needle with some sashiko thread and stitch over the printed markings. When you are done, wash the panel and the print will wash completely away. Press face down with a steam iron.

Choose:  Red, Navy, or Black (the black is not show in the photograph and the slate gray one shown is no longer available)

You will need at least 100 meters of sashiko thread for this panel. 

 Designed by Hitomi Fujita.

Note: Just my usual reminder about leaving some looseness in your thread on the back of your fabric. You are putting a lot of thick sashiko thread between the warp and weft threads of the fabric as you stitch. This is going to make the fabric bunch up as the stitching gets more dense. To counter that, leave about a 1/4" (a little loop) of thread on the back of the fabric every few inches (more where stitching is dense). As you continue to stitch these loops will most likely disappear by by working themselves into the fabric. If they don't disappear, that is good too, they will act as insurance against the bit of shrink that happens in washing and drying over time (Although this fabric doesn't really shrink). 

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