Sashiko Needles, Olympus 2 needle Pack


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This package of two sashiko needles (one long and one short) has been my own go-to sashiko, boro, and general hand stitching needle for a good 15 years now.  They have a strong shaft. I have never had one bend in all the miles of sashiko I've stitches, sometimes on some pretty thick and tough fabrics. The eyes are large and easy to thread even the thicker sashiko threads through. 

That being said, if you are stitching lighter weight fabrics (for example the tsumugi fabrics) or if you simply prefer a lighter/thinner needle, my recommendation for that is the Tulip brand Sashiko needles :-)

Finding the needle that is best for you does take a bit of experimentation. Daruma and Clover needles are both solid quality Sashiko needles also.

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