Sashiko & Mending Stencil Japanese Fan


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Sashiko & Mending Stencils suitable for sashiko stitching, boro stitching, visible mending and other stitching projects.

Very popular for visible mending on blue jeans, and other up-cycle, slow fashion, and slow stitching projects.

About the Stencil:

The stencil is made of a composite fibre that is strong, washable, bendable, & not easy to tear (I tried, it doesn't tear although it is thin and has a 'paper-y fibre feel).  You can use almost any transfer pen or pencil with these, unlike the thicker acrylic plastic stencils which need a long thin tip to reach the fabric.

Easy to store, space saving, and not breakable.

Size: 12mm x 12mm (4" x 4"). Pattern area is 10mm x 10mm. Stencil thickness is 0.2mm.

To stitch the design do the following steps 

  • First stitch the outline of the fan
  • next stitch each horizontal line of the hemp leaf pattern from edge to the other, straight across 
  • then stitch each vertical line from edge to the other, straight across
  • finally stitch all the diagonal lines from edge to the other, straight across

The design will emerge from the accumulation of the lines of single stitches. 

The hemp leaf design is often used to symbolise a wish for strong health and a long life

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