Sashiko Cloth - Kaza-Guruma 4


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Just thread you sashiko needle with some sashiko thread and start stitching this design. Kaza Garuma #4 is a collection of overlapping circles containing sashiko designs pre printed onto 15% Linen 85% cotton natural colour fabric. When you are finished stitching soak in warm water to rinse away the printed markings.

The cloth in this package is 13 1/2" X 25 1/2", the printed area for stitching is 12" X 12". Use the unprinted fabric as a backing, or for a more quilted looking stitching, fold it behind the printed side and stitch through both layers.

Any of the sashiko needles and threads will be suitable for this fabric, but if you are puzzled for choice, try the Hidamari Cosmo threads and needles.


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