Rock Lichen Sashiko Panel #1, Traditional Patterns


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This sashiko panel, designed by Susan Briscoe, is printed on tsumugi fabric in wash away ink so all you have to do is thread your sashiko needle with some sashiko thread and enjoy the stitching. I am never certain what to call this colour. I think it is 'warm taupe beige sand 'but I just made that up :-) It has a warm earthy look, like some mineral dyed cloths, and the irregular soft black slubs add to this feeling. If you like mellow natural plant dyed cloth you will like this colour. 

There are 8 ready to stitch traditional sashiko patterns, each is a 9 inch square.  In addition there are eight 4 1/2" small sashiko motifs.  The  individual blocks are marked with a printed cutting line to make it easy to cut them apart for sewing into quilts, table covers, clothing, bags or other project. If you choose to use the panel as a whole cloth, wall hanging, or small quilt, no problem, those cutting lines and all the printed markings will completely wash away after your stitching is finished.

Fabric Care

This tsumugi fabric is an exceptional quality fabric. It is washable and will not bleed, fade or shrink. I've included a photograph of my hippari coat to show how this fabric drapes. The hippari has been washed on a gentle cycle in cool water, and tumbled on low heat several times and has not changed noticeably. I do shake it out while still a bit damp and hang it to finish drying because the fabric is so soft and beautiful.  All cotton fabrics loose their health and beauty if over-dried or dried in hot air.


The markings on this fabric are are meant to wash away. Please do not get the fabric damp before your stitching is completed, but also don't iron the fabric before you have washed it as the heat may cause the markings to become permanent.

This panel is available in several colours. You can find these, and matching plain (unprinted)  Tsumugi fabrics, under More Fabrics, Tsumugi Fabrics.  

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