PFD Sashiko Thread


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20/8 prepared for dye (PFD) cotton yarn skein.  This white 100% cotton sashiko thread has been prepared to take dye colour efficiently.  This means your don't need to clean or scour it before you put it in your dye pot, and unless you are good at preparing your own thread, you will definitely get more and better colour from using a prepared for dye thread.

100 meter skein, weight 23 grams

100% cotton, Daruma Brand


This listing is for thread only. Click here to see or buy natural dyed kits

This thread is thick. It is a good weight for Kogin, Boro, Mending and sashiko stitching on open weave fabrics. You will need a sashiko needle with large eye (Olympus Brand Sashiko Needles 2 pack or Clover Long Sashiko needles are good choices)

Prepared for dyeing Daruma 20/8 thread thickness is similar to Olympus Kogin thread

Prepared for dyeing Daruma 40/4 thin thread is also available here.  

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