Olympus Pre-printed Sashiko Fabric, Shippo Pattern (Seven Treasures)


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This Shippo Sashiko pattern (also called linked circles) is printed on mid-weight 100% cotton fabric with wash out ink. The printed markings will wash out completely so please do not get it wet before you have completed your stitching.

The fabric weight is suitable for table linens, bags, or anything that will benefit from a fabric with a firmer hand. 

The printed Shippo  pattern is crossed by diagonal lines which gives you the option of finding and stitching multiple patterns. It is not necessary to stitch all of the printed lines, any you choose to leave unstitched will disappear when washed.

How to order the amount you want:  This fabric is on the bolt and will be cut for you when you place your order.  To order the length you want put 1 in the order box for every 1/2 meter (19 1/2"). This means put 2 if you want to order 1 meter length, 3 if you want to order 1 1/2 meter and so on.  Your order will be sent in one uncut length.

Choose: dark navy(almost black) colour or cream colour when placing your order.

  • Fabric is 42" wide
  • English how-to Sashiko stitch instruction sheets
  • Printed marking will wash away completely
  • Machine wash & dry on low heat, no shrinkage
  • Colourfast
  • Manufacturer: Olympus, Japan

NOTE: Please don't get the fabric damp before you have finished stitching, and do not iron it before washing the print out, it will set the print.

The print washes away entirely after your stitching is completed, so you can choose to leave areas unstitched to increase your design options. This print lends itself to many variations. Try stitching the lines in a second colour, or leaving them unstitched... 

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