Needle Minders, Cat in Tea Cup


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Another clever way to manage your stitching needles!  This needle minder comes in two matching pieces connected by a slightly stretchy cord. Both sides have an enamel  cat in tea cup image and are backed with a magnet.

To use it, put one side under your stitching and the other on the top. The magnets will  hold them together and give you a quick way to lay your needle down without loosing it.  The black cord linking the two pieces will make it easy for you to find both magnets next time you need it! That's the clever part :-)

The magnets are strong enough to hold a few needles so it is possible to use these on your sewing table to hold stray needles.  One photo below show my needles with needle caps on their ends. The needle caps protect the needles and your fingers and make it much easier to spot and pick up needles of a flat surface.

Metal and enamel disk about about 3/4" inch across. 

Choose cat in black cup or cat in purple cup when placing your order.

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