Kugurizashi Sashiko Pre-printed Fabric, Fukumame Design


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This kugurizashi sashiko pattern is pre-printed with wash out ink to make it easy to start your stitching. Although it looks look impressively complicated the stitching breaks down into easy to do enjoyable stitching steps!

 This pattern belongs to a style of sashiko stitching called Kugurizashi (weaving under stitches). It is a two step sashiko stitching style. First you stitch a Hitomezashi (one stitch) sashiko pattern and then you weave under those stitches to create the kugurizashi sashiko pattern.

  • Instructions are in Japanese but with good diagrams Tip: Use Google translate to help.
  • Recommended book for learning this sashiko technique: Amazing Sashiko 
  • 100% cotton cloth.  Hand wash in warm water, towel dry.  Press face down with steam.
  • Note: Kugurizashiko is also translated Kugurisashi and Kuguri-sashi. For ease of use I call it Kuguri sashiko also. Whatever you call it it is a beautiful stitching technique!

The fabric is 13" x 26" and you are meant to fold the unprinted fabric part behind the printed side and stitch through both layers.  The finished piece will be 12" X 12".   Hem and use it alone, or sew into another project.

The print washes away completely so please do not get the fabric damp before you are finished stitching! Also do not iron before you are finished and have washed out the printed markings. Heat may set them.

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