Japanese Wagara fabric, Navy with Bunnies


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This high quality cotton artisan fabric is printed with a traditional kasuri dots and small wild bunnies.  Manufactured  in Japan, it retains the feel and look a traditional handwoven fabric, but is both colourfast and machine washable.

The weave is easy to hand stitch and is excellent in boro projects.

The fabric is lightweight but has more texture than North American quilting fabrics. 

How to order the amount you want:

Order by units as follows:  1 unit will be 1/4 meter (10" X 44"),  2 units will be 1/2 meter (19 3/4" X 44" ), 3 units will be 3/4 meter (29 1/2" X 44"), 4 units will be 1 meter (39" X 44") and so on. Your fabric will be sent in one continuous piece. 

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