Hitomezashi Sashiko Sampler, Cranes Design


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Hitomezashi (one-stitch sashiko) designs are as easy and relaxing as plain sashiko stitching. You simply thread your needle with sashiko thread and stitch over the printed markings.  Start with stitching all the vertical lines, then stitch all the horizontal lines, and finally stitch all the diagonal lines. For each line you stitch it is important to stitch all the way from one side of the fabric to the other (don't change directions)  As your stitching progresses you will see the design emerge from your straight stitched lines.  
  • Skill level: Confident sashiko stitcher.  Instructions are in Japanese only with good diagrams. 
  • Tip: look for english instructions and information in my blogs on this site and/or use Google translate
  • Recommended books in English for beginners: Amazing Sashiko or Sashiko & Colour.
  • Care: 100% cotton cloth. Hand wash in warm water, towel dry.  Press face down with steam.
  • Uses: These 12" x 12" finished stitchings can be hemmed and used as they are, or used for cushions, quilt blocks, or in other sewing projects.

    What is Hitomezashi Sashiko?

    Hitomezashi a style of sashiko.  The designs are made up of single stitches in straight lines across the fabric. The stitching covers the fabric more densely than simple sashiko designs. This technique was used to make cloth stronger where it would get  a lot of wear (cuffs, collars, knees...) and for mending.  Today we are stitching it for its beauty and because it is relaxing and enjoyable.

    These designs are also used for boro stitching (visible mending)

    As with all sashiko stitching you must take care to leave some looseness in your threads at the back of the project to allow for it to stay flat as the stitching continues and when washed.


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