Hana-FukinSashiko Sampler - Temari Ball with Cherry Blossoms


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Sashiko Hana Fukin ready to stitch sashiko sampler.

Hana Fukin means a cloth for household use. You can use these in the kitchen to cover a bowl of fruit, eggs or breads, or as absorbent tea towels. Or you could make a cushion, or stitch several to make a runner. Stitch a few more and make a quilt top...

The design is printed on the fabric in dashed lines which will wash out after you have completed your stitching, but please don't iron it until after you have washed it. The heat will set the print and it may not wash out. 

The sashiko printed design is 12" x 12" but the fabric provided is 13" x 26".  For a nicer and more traditional sashiko piece, fold the unprinted fabric to the back of the printed fabric and do the stitching through both layers. (This also keeps the thread on the back showing through the fabric on white fabric pieces)

  • Use sashiko thread in one or more colours. In most cases 2 skeins of 20 meter thread will be enough. 
  • 100% cotton

This fabric and the sashiko thread will become prettier after being washed a few times. Be sure to finish any raw edges first, but then you can throw it in the washing machine. Remove while damp and press.

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