Gingher Pinking Shears


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For those who sew without benefit of machine this is a tool you will want to add to your 'tools for life' list.  They are an 'old fashioned' hand tool, and are excellent quality.  Use them to cut or trim raw fabric edges to prevent fraying.

If you love low tech hand craftsmanship, or just plain don't own a sewing machine (let alone a serger), or if wish you could hand sew clothing but don't know what to do about finishing the raw fabric edges so it will not fray when washed, these are the solution.

If you are a mender, a re-user of cloth, or like the look of raw fabric edges but don't want the cloth to fray down to the stitches when washed, this is a tool you want.

The sharp zig-zag blade on these scissors make a cut edge that doesn't fray before or after washing.

Made in Italy.

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