Mending & Boro Dyed Yarn Cotton Fabric


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This dyed yarn cotton fabric is a medium weight sturdy dyed yarn cotton.  It is very dark brown varied with an irregular tan thread. The fabric has a slightly rough (homespun feel) and will be easy to hand stitch.

It is the perfect fabric for those of you who are up-cycling and mending work or play clothing, or for stitching boro pieces.  It would make a dramatic background for a sashiko design stitched with white sashiko thread. It is heavier than quilting fabric but would make a nice lightweight jacket.

This fabric is 44" wide

How to order the amount you want:  You order the length you want by putting 1 unit in the order box for every 10" in length.  That means: 1 will get you 10", 2 will get you 20", 3 will get you 30", 4 will get you 40" (or one meter) and so on.

It will be sent to you as one continuous piece of fabric. 

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What is dyed yarn fabric?

Dyed yarn fabrics get their distinctive appearance and feel from how they are woven. The yarns (threads) are dyed first, and then the cloth is woven. Often a few different weights or textures of yarn (thread) are woven into the cloth to create a more textured fabric. The dyed thread means the colour is embedded in the fabric and will not fade off the surface with washing.  In most cases it also means both sides of the fabric can be used as the 'right' side, although each side may look slightly different from the other.


 Machine wash in lukewarm water, remove from dryer before fully dry, press if desired. These fabrics have very little shrinkage and keep their colour and body when washed. 

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