Cotton Sewing Fabric, Rust Orange Sashiko Stitched Style


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This is a unique 100 % cotton fabric is an earthy burnt orange colour and has been woven to appear sashiko stitched.  It has a slight texture and drapes nicely. It is suitable for clothing, quilting or home decor purposes.

 Care: Pre-washed, Colourfast. Machine wash and dry.

I washed a piece in hot water to see what would happen. The colour, feel and size did not change noticeably.  (Just as a note, this is a piece-dyed fabric not a yarn-dyed fabric. Piece dyed fabrics are woven first and then the cloth is dyed, versus dyed yarn fabrics where the yarns (threads) are dyed first and then the cloth is woven.)

Size: 44 inches (111.8 cm) wide

How to order the length you need: Available in increments of 1/4 meter (25cm or 10 inches). Examples: If you want to order half a meter put 2 in the box, if you want one meter put 4 int he box, and so on.  Your fabric will be sent to you in one uncut piece.

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