Cotton Poplin Inkjet Fabric, 8 1/2in x 11in


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Threads inkjet printable fabrics Quilt-weight (4 oz) cotton is one of the best selling printable fabrics available.  Create custom quilting fabrics using your own inkjet printer. The smooth surface produces sharp prints with fine details, vivid colours and smooth skin tones for stunningly realistic images of people. Easily peel off the paper backing and sew your personalised fabric to make textile art, memory stitch books, quilts, pillows, purses, clothes.

The printed fabric washes great and has the same soft, natural feel as ordinary fabric. Use THREADS inkjet fabric to free your most precious photos from your cell phone!

  • Made of: Cotton
  • Size: 0.5in x 8.5in x 11.25in
  • Use: textile art, quilting, sewing
  • Amount: 6 sheets
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