Cosmo Embroidery Thread #384, Light Teak Greyish Brown


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Cosmo embroidery floss is a six-strand cotton floss (also called embroidery thread). It is a silky soft thread, fade resistant, washable, colourfast and easy too separate.

Length: 8m / 8.75 yards per skein. 


Cosmo products are renowned and beloved in Japan and all over the world including North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.  Their superior quality embroidery products are the result of their strong commitment to using only the highest quality of Egyptian extra-long staple cotton and manufacturing processes.

This embroidery floss, which as been produced since 1950, comes in vivid colours, is fade-resistant, washable and colourfast.  Soft and silky, this 6 strand thread is easy to separate and it doesn't twist or tangle like other floss.

Is it floss or is it thread? 

If the yarn is made with a Z twist (the point being for it not to come apart) it is thread. Embroidery thread is made with an S twist because it is meant to come apart in (usually) six separate threads.  each of the six strands of embroidery threads are spun in a Z twist before the six are put together with a an S twist. This means you can say you are using 2 strands of thread taken from your skein of embroidery floss.

Can you use embroidery thread to sashiko stitch? Well yes. But it doesn't look as good because you can see the separating threads in the long straight stitches.

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