Natural Dye Kit


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This kit is an easy introduction to natural plant dyes.  The kit is made in Ontario by fibre artist Julie Sinden and contains comprehensive instructions to take you through the step by step process of preparing your fibres and dyeing with the dried dye materials in it.

If you have wished you could dye your own sashiko or mending cotton thread, this is a good way to begin. White Olympus sashiko thread takes dye well.

Contents in the box:

 Instructions, 90 g alum, 30g gallnut, 15g logwood, 15g osage, 15g madder, 7g cochineal

The contents of the kit can dye about 4 meters of light cotton (about 1 meter of each colour). 

Alum and gallnut are what make the natural dye colours colourfast. The other 4 ingredients will make a range of colours. Logwood for soft purples, osage for yellows, madder for peachy oranges and cochineal for pinks. 

Colours made from plant dyes give varied results depending on many factors. To enjoy using them you need to be able to enjoy the process and the result without being able to know exactly what the result be! For many of us, that is why we love to dye our threads and fabrics. They are always unique and beautiful!


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