Boro Fabric Pack, Small Pieces, Assorted Reds


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60+ grams of small dyed yarn cotton Japanese  fabric pieces like the fabrics used in Yoko Saito quilting and applique. This  pack is suitable for boro stitching, visible mending, slow stitching, and small applique and piecing projects. The pieces are hand cut. Most are between 4" and 5", none are smaller that 3 1/2".  These fabrics are colourfast, machine wash and dry, no noticeable shrink. You don't need to pre-wash. 

There are between 1 and 6 pieces of each fabric, and approx. 10 to 12 different fabrics in each package.  Over time the fabrics will change from the ones shown, but the type and quality of the fabric will remain the same.  How much area this package will cover when stitched together will depend on your stitching practices. Some people overlap, layer or hem pieces more than others. It will make roughly 2/3rds of a meter.

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