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A Threaded Needle ships to anywhere in North America. The cost of shipping to other countries makes it impractical for customers in other countries.

I use Canada Post shipping with tracking to send your orders.  I do this because Canada Post will ship to post office box numbers and rural areas where other shippers may not. 

About the cost of shipping:

  • I know the cost of shipping is hard to swollow, especially if you only need a small item.  I'm sorry for this. I get a bit of discount from Canada Post and I pass that on to you, but I know it doesn't help much. 
  • If I offered free shipping I would have to build it into my product prices so it would come to the same thing. I choose to keep my prices as low as I can and to charge you exactly what the post office charges me for your order, and I have no added handling or packaging charges.
  • If I shipped very large volumes of packages, the Post Office would give me very large discounts and I could absorb the cost of giving free shipping, but I don't so they don't :-) 

The best suggestions to reduce the cost of shipping I have to offer are:

  • Wait to place your order until you have several things you need because the shipping rates for Canada Post parcels starts at a flat rate and goes up from there by weight increments. This means you can usually order a sizeable amount for the same shipping cost that you would pay for some threads and a pack of needles. (I know, it seem wrong- but it costs the same for the trucks and employees and so forth to move a letter from one place to another as it does for a shoe box size package, for example)  
  • Another option (which uses the same logic as the first :-D) is to order with a friend, or with your quilting guild or you sewing/stitching group and share the shipping cost.  

For local customers: Why I don't offer local pick up: 

  • I regret very much that I can't. Basically I'm too small and too niche a business to afford the rent and overhead to pay for a storefront location. Instead, I work from a strata situation. This means  insurance doesn't cover customers coming here, and by-law won't allow extra traffic. 

 Returns & Refunds:

I am careful about the products I choose for my online store so that you can trust the quality of your orders will be consistent. That being said, problems and mistakes sometimes happen. 
If anything is not right with your order I want to know and fix it.
  • If you want to return an order, or part of one, please do it within 15 days and in the condition you received it for a full refund. When it arrives here I will refund the product(s) to your method you used to pay for it.
  •  I will pay the return shipping only if the product was defective or if the reason for the return was caused by my error. In such a case I will refund the product & shipping you paid and the return shipping cost.
You can always e-mail me if you have questions about anything to do with your order. Because I answer all customer emails myself, it may  sometimes take several days, but I will reply as soon as possible.
Contact information:

This is an independent owned business (just me with occasional help) which means I can't keep up with all the places you can send me messages, texts or calls, so let's keep it simple and just use my e-mail. Thank you for understanding :-)

Physical address of A Threaded Needle:

A Threaded Needle

#3 - 22206 124th Ave

Maple Ridge, BC



Phone 1-236-513-2120 (but please see note above regarding the impossibility of getting through my day's work if I stop for ringing phones!  If at all possible, use my e-mail. It may take longer to get a reply, and I'm sorry for that, but it helps keep my work load something near manageable :-)