Rag Rugs Book by Deanna David


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Deana David's new book Rag Rugs is a perfect place to start exploring this traditional textile art.  She introduces techniques and projects for traditional hooked rugs, braided rugs, crochet rugs, Amish toothbrush rugs, proddy rugs, penny rugs, and latch hook rugs. 

Projects and designs are included in the book, along with information for planning, colour choices, tools, beginning, finishing and backing. This book is a joy to look through with clear beautiful photographs of the rugs and techniques.

I love handmade rugs! They combine so many things to love. There is of course, the utility value (door rugs, shower rugs, chair rugs, even small table rugs for hot dishes), there is the recycling factor (almost every worn out sheet, towel and piece of clothing can be reused in creating a rug) and then, best of all, there is the creative scope! Rugs are where you can let your imagination grow! 

  • Rag Rugs by Deana David
  • Landauer Publishing
  • Softcover, 8 1/2" X 11", 168 pages

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