Fusible Featherweight Non-woven Interfacing, White


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I use this fusible non-woven featherweight interfacing for transferring sashiko designs to fabric.  It is so soft it won't change how your fabric feels, and it will be covered in your finished fabric so you don't need to remove it.  When you transfer your design this way, you will stitch from the back, but as sashiko is a running stitch, it looks the same front and back, so that is not a problem. In fact it's easier because you can see that you are leaving the little slack threads on the back that are important.

  • SIZE 20" wide.
  • Order by the meter. Your order will be sent in one continuous length.

See our blog entry "Three ways to transfer sashiko designs" and "How to sashiko stitch".   I've included some photographs here also to show you how to use this product with sashiko.

This interfacing is, of course, also good for any sewing project where you need a light fusible stabilizer. 

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