Dyed Yarn Cotton Fabric for Sewing & Quilting B16


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Dyed yarn 100% cotton fabric is suitable for sewing, quilting, applique, clothing, and home decor projects. Suitable for machine and hand sewing.  It is colourfast, machine washable, and has little to no noticeable shrinkage when washed. It is the perfect fabric for those of you sewing Japanese patchwork quilts or Yoko Saito projects.  

How to order the amount you need:

The fabric is 44" wide. Order the length you need in increments of 10". In other words, if you order 1 you will receive  10" long by 44" wide, if you order 2 you will receive 20" long by 44" wide, if you order 3 you will receive 30" long by 44" wide. You fabric will be sent in one uncut length.


Dyed yarn fabrics get their distinctive appearance and feel from how they are woven. The yarns (threads) are dyed first, and then the cloth is woven. Often a few different weights or textures of yarn (thread) are woven into the cloth to create a more textured fabric. Weaving with dyed threads means the colour is embedded in the fabric and will not fade off the surface with washing.  In most cases it also means both sides of the fabric can be used as the 'right' side, although each side will usually look slightly different.

  • Fabric width: 44”
  • Weight: Light cotton shirt weight
  • Care: Machine wash & dry on gentle temperatures. Remove from dryer before fully dry.  Press if desired. These fabrics have very little shrinkage, if any, and keep their colour and body when washed. 
  • Manufacturer: Handworks Fabrics, Japan
Judging colour and texture on a screen:
Judging the colour and texture of fabric on a screen is difficult, so when possible I have included Crayola crayons to help you judge colours, and/or a photograph with a few other dyed yarn fabrics.  To help judge texture and scale there is a close up with a tape measure, and to show drape the fabric has been lifted to show how it falls and folds. I hope this is helpful and that you enjoy your new fabrics.

These fabrics are also available in packages of smaller cuts in mixed colours on this site.

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