Daruma Hand Sewing Thread,Warbler Green #20


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Daruma hand sewing thread feels like silk but it is cotton.  This thin home sewing thread is strong with the glossy sheen of silk and a smooth texture.  Use it for free hand stitching, visible mending and embroidery as well as sewing buttons and such.

100 meters wrapped on a card for easy use and storage.  #30 size. 

This thread is the thickness of a strong machine sewing thread, which is very thin (but not as thin as the standard weight used to sew clothing :-) ) It is ideal for hand sewing and/or embellishing stitching for craft projects, and for mending (visible or otherwise! ) and fine embroideries.

Daruma thread was developed by Yokota Chozaemon and his wife in 1901. They named it for the round Japanese doll known as Daruma, and the image is still on the packaging. Yokota and his wife believed that no matter how the times were to change, thread for hand stitching would always be an integral part of daily life.

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