Transfer Carbon Paper for Sashiko - Large Sheets


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2 large sheets (11" x 17") of Olympus brand sewing carbon for transferring sashiko designs to your fabric. You lay a sheet of this transfer paper face down over the right side of your fabric. Cover it with your design, right side up, and trace the design with a dull ended tool ( I use a ball point pen, but if you don't want to 'muck up' your pattern buy a Hera marker to use) Check that you are putting enough pressure on the tracing to transfer a thin line to your fabric)  Rub gently with a damp cloth, or wash, to remove.

Sheets are reusable many times.

Please note on some occasions I may need to fold these once for shipping. It won't damage their use.

Colour: Comes in either White or Blue. The blue shows nicely on very dark navy fabrics, but not on light to mid blue fabrics.

Of the carbons I have used I think this one makes clearest and best lasting lines. 

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