Iron Away Low Waste Fabric Marking Pens


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These iron away fabric pens are actually the refill part only! When I first saw them I was doubtful, but they are good quality and inexpensive, and have the added bonus of less plastic waste since there is no outer plastic barrel.

They have a tight cap with a soft blue rubber seal in the tip to seal air out and since it is important not to loose this cap, it is made to fit securely into the top of the pen while you are using it. 

Please Note: The 'ink' in these pens is a liquified chalk substance which turns hard when exposed to air.  This means you must re-cap tightly soon after use, and always store upright with the tip down! (This is true of all of markers of this type) If the 'ink' dries in the ball point tip it turns to a solid and stops flowing. If you store the pen on its side the little clear oily seal above the 'ink' will gradually run sideways and allow air to reach the 'ink' and the whole tube will turn to a solid. (I know this because I took one apart to see why putting it under hot water didn't unclog the tip. I think it needs a solvent to re-dissolve once it has dried)

Liquid chalk vrs solid chalk markers?  Both have their problems, These dry out if you're not careful, solid chalk pencils break a lot if your not careful. I like these, especially on fabrics with surface texture.

  • Price is for one.
  • My samples ironed away easily and completely, but always test. Different fibres may react differently.
  • I thought they would be awkward to hold being so thin, but I don't find that a problem when I use them. 
  • The nib has a longer reach since there is no pen casing to shorten it, however it is still too thick to go through the Indigo Niche acrylic stencils :-(

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