14 Hook Coated Metal Weaving/ Mending Tool


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This coated metal 14 hook loom is the nicest quality speed-weve type mending loom I've seen.  The thick coating means there is less likelihood the metal edges will cut your elastics while you are stretching the fabric (though covering the edges with masking tape will also fix that problem on the uncoated ones). I think the hooks feel made of a little thicker metal which may help with the "crossing over" that sometimes happen with lighter ones (tho this is easily fixed by sliding your needle under the the misplaced hook and helping it pop back into its right position).  I wouldn't toss out one you already have for this one,  this one is not that much better, but if you haven't got one yet, this is the one I would choose :-)

 A 14 hook mending loom will make patches about 2" square.

The loom comes with step by step instructions (English and with photographs), extra long needle, round wood mending surface, coated metal loom, elastics. and yarn puller. (I think the yarn puller if for mending on knitted fabric - you can use it to pull the threads to the back when finishing your mend)

This is a replica of the Speedweve style mending loom designed in the 1940s and 1950s. They were a clever, practical, mending tool designed to be able to raise alternate threads in a row of warp (vertical) threads in order to make it quicker and easier to lay in the weft (horizontal) threads. 

Although intended for mending small holes in clothing and household fabrics, these looms are also fun for creative fibre art uses. It is possible to create shaped patches and small pockets as well as functional squares and rectangles.  

By combining thread textures and colours you have nearly unlimited creative possibility.
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