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Special Sewing Fabrics

  • Traditional wagara Kasuri designs, and other wagara cottons for quilting, clothing, bags, cushions, boro 
  • Rich & earthy tsumugi cottons with excellent drape for clothing, soft quilts, elegant cushions & hand stitched textile arts
  • Antique inspired Japanese Sarasa design cottons, inspired by designs imported to Japan from France in the 1700's for quilting, clothing, bags, cushions
  • Thick soft sakizome-momen (dyed yarn cotton) wonderful for sashiko, clothing, quilting, bags, cushions, hand stitching & mending
  • Linen/Cotton blend fabric excellent for hand stitching, bags, home decor, clothing
  • Strong coarser woven Hemp & Cotton Canvas for sewing sturdier projects, also look great with hand stitching and used for patching/mending
  • Soft and draping Japanese prints and solids for clothing & quilting

Note: Although most fabrics can be found here, they are in no particular order.  It is probably easier to scroll through the drop down fabric categories :-)