Sashiko Sampler Textile Lab "Block"


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Textile lab has released some Sashiko samplers in the wake of their book Amazing Sashiko

If you have no experience with stitching Hitomezashi or Kugurizashi Sashiko designs you may want to order the book, these samplers have no english instructions.  That being said, some of the samplers are very straightforward ("Flow" is simply stitched from one edge to the other along the printed lines). 

Once you begin stitching these designs they are hard to resist! The stitching technique is so easy that it makes the a restful 'timeout' from stress, and the end results are  amazing for something that is so simple!

  • Finished Sampler Size: 13" X 13" (the white cotton fabric is 13" X 26". You are meant to fold the unprinted fabric behine the printed fabric and stitch through both layers
  • Wash Out Design: when you have finished the stitching the design will wash out completely. Let it soak a short while in warm water, then rinse, towel dry and press from the back.
  • Amount of Thread: 60 meters of Sashiko thread will be enough. I suggest buying 3 skeins in two or three colours of the Olympus 20 meter skeins of sashiko thread.
  • Designed by Ayufish int. for Olympus in Japan, these are printed on the same cotton fabric as the Olympus Sashiko samplers you are familiar with.

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