Sarashi-Momen Muslin Fabric


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Available in 10 colours, this Japanese Sarashi-momen muslin cotton fabric is the same fabric as the Olympus sashiko pre-printed samplers and the dot graph fabrics are printed on.  It is a quite open, easy to stitch weave most often sashiko stitched through two layers.

Sarashi-momen is a traditional 100% cotton Japanese fabric woven on the traditional width narrow looms. This means the fabric is 13" wide with selvedges on both edges.   

  • fabric size in package is 13" X 26"
  • colours match the Olympus  12" X 12" sashiko project fabric colours for traditional moyozashi, hitomezashi, and kugurizashi samplers 
  • colourfast and machine washable
  • open weave, easy to stitch fabric

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