Ready to Stitch Sashiko Fabric, Asa-no-Ha (Hemp Leaf)


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This ready to stitch Sashiko Hemp Leaf (Asa-no-ha) design  is printed on 100% cotton fabric and is available in to be cut in increments of 1/2 meter (19.5"). The amount you order will be sent in one uncut length.

How to order: In the order box put 1 for every half meter you want.  1 will be 1/2 meter  meter,  2 will be 1 meter, 3 will be 1 1/2 meter and so on.

  • This fabric is 42" wide

This fabric is medium light cotton with a bit of texture, making it attractive for sashiko stitching, and suitable for quilting, home decor, or clothing. The print washes out cleanly so you do not have to stitch the entire fabric. This is useful if you want to pre-plan stitched areas in the project you will make from this fabric after the stitching is finished.

NOTE: Please don't get the fabric damp before you have finished stitching, and do not iron it before washing either, it will set the print) 

Suggested sashiko thread and needles: All of the sashiko needles and threads on this site are suitable for this fabric. Choose thin threads for a subtler stitching, thicker threads for more impact.

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