Tsumugi Cotton Fabric, Marine Blue


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Use this light weight woven fabric for quilting, applique, clothing and stitching. It has soft drape, is colourfast, and preshrunk.

This fabric is 44" wide.

Olympus, Japan, developed this affordable cotton version of the expensive traditional Japanese Tsumugi silk fabric. The colours, especially the lighter colours, have the earthy muted slightly irregular colouring which the original process would have created. The fabric feels and looks like a soft cottony silk.

This is the Olympus kofu tsumugi fabric bolt # 2501. You may have seen it called mouse grey or light grey. It is sort of grey but with an earthy mineral tone that is hard to describe. If you like vegetable and mineral dye colours like allium, iron, tungsten, copper, rust etc you'll like this colour. If you like clear colours you won't! :-)

How to order the amount you want:  You order the length you want by putting 1 unit in the order box for every 10" in length.  That means: 1 will get you 10", 2 will get you 20", 3 will get you 30", 4 will get you 40" (or one meter) and so on. It will be sent to you as one continuous piece of fabric. You will see the price change in your cart

What is tsumugi cloth?

Olympus manufacturing, Japan, explains tsumugi fabric as follows:    "An obsolete, costly, narrow Japanese silk fabric made in the following fashion: first, a coarse cloth is woven with cotton wrap and thick silk filling; second, this fabric is run through a dye vat several times; third, it is buried in the ground until the cotton warp has rotted; lastly, the silk is rewoven into a fabric. The result is a mottled design produced by un-dyed places in the silk yarn where the cotton warp prevented dye penetration. Olympus developed a cotton fabric similar to the true Tsumugi."

This Olympus tsumugi  cotton fabric is a dyed yarn shot cotton. Shot cotton fabrics are made by using two colours of yarn (thread), one for the warp, a second colour for the weft. These yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven resulting in a saturated colour and the distinctive slightly mottled appearance 

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