Indigo Dye Kit


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Wish you could indigo dye your own thread or fabric? 

This Indigo dye kit contains the pre-measured ingredients to create one organic fructose indigo dye vat (dye pot) which you can use to dyed 100% cotton fabric or threads. It will dye about 5 yards of a medium weight cotton such as a quilting cotton to a medium blue.

The kit also includes comprehensive instructions on how to create the vat, how to use it for dyeing, and how to maintain it.

 Contents:  25g indigo powder, extracted from the indigofera tinctoria plant, 50g pickling lime (calcium hydroxide), 75g fructose sugar

This kit is also suitable for dying any over-dyed 100% cotton fabric or clothing for  recycling or up-cycling. Be sure what you want to dye is clean and free of laundry detergents. 

Also suitable for shibori dyeing or tie dying.

These kits are made by fibre artist Julie Sinden in Ontario, Canada

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