Joyful Mending by Noriko Misumi


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This book's title captures it's essence: Joyful Mending, Visible Repairs for the Perfectly Imperfect Things We Love.  Noriko Misumi demonstrates using basic sewing, mending, felting and crochet techniques, as well as some simple embroidery stitches for repairing the things you love. 

The range of this book is nice. As well as using multiple techniques for making mends, she shows you how to work on woven and knit fabrics, how to mend curved and flat areas, how to make intentional visible mends, and how to make repairs that blend.  All while maintaining the feeling of satisfaction and joy that comes with handwork, and with extending the life of the things we use and love.

Soft cover book, 88 pages

Published by Tuttle Books

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