Azumino-Momen Hand Dyed Cotton Fabric, Green Olive


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Woven and hand dyed in small batches in Azumino, Japan, this 100% cotton fabric is perfect for sashiko, embroidery, clothing, boro, mending, clothing, soft home furnishings, bags, and throws.  This fabric is a little thicker and softer than American quilting fabrics.   It will wear well over time, is preshrunk,  colourfast, and machine washable.  Use it for hand or machine sewing. 

Each piece is 18" X 21" (54cmx45cm)

 Colour note:  This green is the lower one at the top of the fabric wheel in the photo. Both are a mid green shades, but this one is a warmer, yellower, green that the cooler grass green above it.

 About Azumino-momen: The word momen means cotton, this is a piece dyed solid colour cotton fabric made  in the Azumino district of Japan. After weaving the cloth is dyed in small batches, during which it undergoes a treatment which leaves it with a permanent distinctive texture which will not wash out.

This fabric is made for  Olympus Ltd in Japan. For more about the quality of their fabrics see this blog.  


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