Earthy Purple Sashiko Panel #2, Traditional Patterns


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There are eight different 8" X 8" square traditional sashiko designs, plus a number of bonus 4 1/2" motifs including dragonfly and cranes preprinted in wash away ink on this earthy purple tsumugi fabric panel. Full panel size is 24" x 44".

Simply thread a sashiko needle with a length of sashiko thread and enjoy the stitching! Hang it as a panel, or cut the blocks apart and use them in other sewing projects.


 Do not iron before stitching as heat may set the printed markings. After stitching, soak and rinse in warm water. The markings will wash out completely. This means you don't have to stitch the lines around the blocks. It is better to use them for cutting lines if you are cutting the blocks for sewing into other projects. 

Uses & Care

Suitable for anywhere you would use a lightweight fabric, quilting, clothing, wall hangings, curtaining (noren curtains). This fabric is colourfast, will not shrink, and can be machine washed and dried on gentle low heat cycles. It is best to remove it from the dryer while still a little damp. As with all cottons, over drying with damage the fibres. 

This Olympus tsumugi  cotton fabric is a dyed yarn shot cotton. Shot cotton fabrics are made by using two colours of yarn (thread), one for the warp, a second colour for the weft. These yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven resulting in a saturated colour and the distinctive slightly mottled appearance.  

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