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Bag Strap Clamping Hardware


The backward angled teeth in these strong metal clamps close onto your purchased or sewn bag strap for a quick and finished look.

Size: 25mm (1inch) width by 17mm (approx. 3/4") length.

Color: Antique gold metal. 

Comes 2 per package.  

To attach the clamp, place the clamp teeth over the strap end and cover the clamp with a cloth so it won't be scratched. Use wide tip pliers to evenly press the clamp closed and to push the teeth firmly into the strap. In a pinch (no pun intended :-) you can also hit it evenly with a hammer.

 Note: If you are clamping this hardware onto a soft or loosely woven fabric, reinforce the fabric layers with a strong fabric or interfacing between the layers, where the teeth will bite into the fabric.