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Yarn Pod Pattern

Alderspring Design

This hollow ball is a yarn pod with a zipper on the side and a hole at the top. You open it, put your ball of yarn inside, feed the end out the hole, zip it up, and knit to your heart's content. Goodbye pet hair and dust bunnies, and tangled balls in you knitting bag.

Pattern is also available as a download pattern in the pay and Download section.

This pattern was recently updated to improve the pattern shape and to include lots of photographs. It now contains pattern pieces for 2 sizes, approx 8" and 10" daimeter pods. 

The secret to this pod is to use Soft & Stable inside the fabric. The Soft & Stable is firm enough to hold the hollow round shape.

If you haven't discovered Soft & Stable yet, you want to.  It is perfect for purses, bags, and other 3 dimensional projects which you want to have hold their shape when empty.  To find it put Soft & Stable in the search (click that little magnifying glass on the top right corner)

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