Sashiko Fabric for Stitching

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This navy sashiko stitching cotton fabric is made specifically for sashiko stitching by the Olympus company in Japan, who have been making sashiko threads and preprinted sashiko fabrics and kits for decades. 

The dark navy colour and slight texture in the woven surface give this fabric the feel and look of a Takumi (skilled) artisan made traditional cloth. The Olympus company are known for their high quality fabrics. But more than that, they have also cared to retain the integrity of the traditional Japanese Takumi (skilled artisan made) fabrics while using modern manufacturing processes to make them.  Not only does this make them more affordable, but it also means you can trust that the dye is colourfast (it will not rub off, or bleed), they are machine wash and dry, and there will be no noticeable shrinkage. 

This particular sashiko stitching fabric is a strong fabric made from healthy cotton. It will wear well, and be worth mending in the eventual future :-)

Order by 1/2 meter

This fabric is 44" wide. For every 19.5" length you want put 1 unit in the order amount box.  The fabric will be sent to you in one continuous piece.